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Live Nude Girls is a feature film comedy set in a 1980′s Los Angeles strip club. It’s based on a true story… OK, not really! It’s the story of Shane, an average guy from Chicago who inherits a gentlemen’s club from his estranged uncle. Shane leaves the Midwest and moves to Los Angeles with his party animal best friend (Harmar Superstar) in tow.

Our hero hopes his life will get a fresh start – but once in L.A., Shane discovers the club is practically out of business and that he’s also inherited an out of control gang of employees (Christopher Gordon, Matt Offerman), a dozen wild strippers (Asa Akira, Kristen DeLuca, Tera Patrick), and an insane booze hound of a business partner (Dave Foley).

With the help of a beautiful cocktail waitress (AnneMarie Pazmino) and a super star exotic dancer with a strange talent (Bree Olson), Shane does whatever it takes to save the club and his new life while accidentally making strip-club history.

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And, of course it goes without saying that we wish each of you a huge THANK YOU for keeping up with the film and its production.

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